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Silent Auction

The Arts Center will be holing a silent art auction. We will be auctioning off four separate large art pieces done by four different local artists.

Each piece measures 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide and is done in Acrylic on Plywood.

Pictures and number for all pieces are listed above. you may also view each piece at the Arts Center in the Northfield Square Mall.


The auction will run March 11th through April 14th. All bids must be in by 8pm on the 14th. The winners will be announced and notified on April 17th. All winners must pick up their pieces by April 31st at 6pm.

All bids for all pieces start at $50. In the occurrence of a tie the persons will be notified and offered the chance to increase their bid. the winner goes to the highest bid.

Bid forms can be downloaded HERE, filled out and emailed to the Arts Center at or bids may be placed at the Arts Center.

For any other questions or information please contact the Arts Center at or stop by during normal business hours.

Thank you and Happy Bidding!