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Amber Robinson - www.amberhughesus.wix.com/makiartsillustration

I am an Illustrator and 3-D cut paper artist and am the founder and artist for MaKiArTs Illustrations.  My work seeks to evoke emotion, either dark and dismal or light and joyful, and probe the mind. I enjoy playing with the concept of irony and keeping people interested and intrigued and constantly thinking and trying to unravel the story behind one of my pieces. My goal in my work is to evoke emotion as well as a reaction and to keep my viewer captivated and thinking. 

Mysi Carroll - www.mysicarroll.com

Momence native Mysi Carroll is a contemporary artist that works in several mediums. She has been a professional florist for over 20 years which has aided in her enthusiasm for color, texture, and composition. She has a different approach to every medium she uses so her style varies from bold abstracts to dark and alluring charcoals to soft and feminine watercolors.

Patrick Noland- www.naimlabel.com/artist-patrick-noland.aspx

Accomplished pianist from St. Anne, will entertain with his original selections on Friday evenings, 6;00 to 8:00pm at the Arts Center in Northfield Square Mall, Bourbonnais, IL.  Patrick played jazz for several years at the House of Blues in Chicago and New Orleans, put himself through college playing at supper clubs, and currently teaches music for Chicago Public Schools.

Kathi Eastman- www.etsy.com/shop/kathieastmandesigns

One Stroke Painting is a method of painting which allows for color, highlight, and shading all in “one stroke” and is designed for any skill level. Kathi Eastman has been a Certified One Stroke Paint Instructor since 2004.  Over the past 10 years, she has had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students in several states. Kathi is a member of the Community Arts Council and teaches several classes a month in the local area.  

Brigitte L. Emme-  artdebrigitte.artistwebsites.com

My passion for art was reignited in 2004, when my younger sister was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and was given less than 6 months to live.  Suddenly priorities shifted and the important things in life came more into focus.  One of those priorities was my need to create and to find beauty in the world.  I started with sketching the trees outside of the hospital window where my sister lay fighting for her life.  I then shifted to acrylic painting and photography.  I took many black and white photos of my sister and her young children as they went through their journey.  I thank God every day that my sister is a survivor, 10 years now! (Read more)


I was born in Chicago and grew up in Homewood. I graduated from Junior College with an Associate's degree. After this I started my career by working at various banks. I then attended Govenor's State University to earn my Bachelor's degree while continuing to work full time. I continued taking classes and earned a Master's degree in accounting. When I retired, I took classes in making jewelry which I enjoyed. One day I heard an announcement on the radio about local painting classes that were being offered. I decided to attend one of these classes and began painting which I realized I enjoyed very much. After attending these classes I decided to continue my love for painting and began taking more classes at the Peotone Library with Kathi Eastman. I also attended more classes at my local Michael's taught by Karen. I hope to continue painting and finding new classes to take to further improve my skills and fuel my passion for painting.