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Amber Robinson - www.amberhughesus.wix.com/makiartsillustration

I am an Illustrator and 3-D cut paper artist and am the founder and artist for MaKiArTs Illustrations.  My work seeks to evoke emotion, either dark and dismal or light and joyful, and probe the mind. I enjoy playing with the concept of irony and keeping people interested and intrigued and constantly thinking and trying to unravel the story behind one of my pieces. My goal in my work is to evoke emotion as well as a reaction and to keep my viewer captivated and thinking. 

Gary Price- www.etsy/shop/MAGNETSetcGLPWORKS

Gary started drawing at an early age. Gary’s inspiration came from a Sears catalog, musicians and a neighbor who was also an artist. He continued to take art lessons in high school and junior college. However, his professional career was in retail.  Although he is still in retail, he has been prolific in producing new works consistently.  Gary creates artwork on paper or canvas. His favorite mediums are, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. His work is now on in several galleries in the area.


Galerie B Design is the collaboration of two artist, Bob and Patty Bradley.  They combine the abilities of Bob's drawing and painting skills with the photographic skills by Patty.  Bob began drawing and painting early on and after high school received a scholarship to attend a Commercial Art program and from there studied Art Education.  Patty also received a scholarship for Commercial Photography and pursued her degree followed by a long career as a professional portrait and commercial photographer, and for many years Bob worked alongside her as the retouch artist. 

Much of the current focus of the work is original oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, photography and digital artwork.   Our love for nature and landscapes is evident in much of the work as art is an expression and a creative process that in its final form whether it be a canvas or a digitally enhanced photography creates appreciation for its beauty or emotional response.   It has been through a journey of our experiences that we have grown to appreciate the world around us. 

You can view our work at galeriebdesigns.com and find out more about our social media and online store.


Mandy Madrox


Greta Taylor

 Local Watercolorist.


  In going through very hard times, and painfully tough personal loss, Onyxwings was born. He found love in creative works of emotion, diving deep into a world of healing color. Painting, markers, pencils, and still in ink, his canvases take a hold of him. With each piece he creates there is usually a story behind it, which he is happy to share each time. His works encompass POPart, medium pourings, abstract expressionism, and fantasy illustration. In short, he will take the icons and images we all love and create them through his minds eye.  

Please take a look.. if you see something that speaks to you let him know. If you want something made... let him know. And if not...  hopefully his work will somehow open your eyes and inspire you to a world where beauty can be as simple as a brush stroke.


I was born in Chicago and grew up in Homewood. I graduated from Junior College with an Associate's degree. After this I started my career by working at various banks. I then attended Govenor's State University to earn my Bachelor's degree while continuing to work full time. I continued taking classes and earned a Master's degree in accounting. When I retired, I took classes in making jewelry which I enjoyed. One day I heard an announcement on the radio about local painting classes that were being offered. I decided to attend one of these classes and began painting which I realized I enjoyed very much. After attending these classes I decided to continue my love for painting and began taking more classes at the Peotone Library with Kathi Eastman. I also attended more classes at my local Michael's taught by Karen. I hope to continue painting and finding new classes to take to further improve my skills and fuel my passion for painting. 

Rick Decorie photography

Rick is a photographer with an eye for rural architecture. His first photograph of an old barn was in the 1980's. His photography went on the back burner when he became a career firefighter. After hanging up his gear, he soon got back into photography. Rick soon started shooting whatever captured his eye before settling on the beautiful old buildings found along the back roads of the Midwest. Rick's work shows his fondness for the subjects he shoots by showing others how he views them. It is his way of preserving the majestic work buildings of the American farmer.